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Concrete Cutting Perth

(08) 6500 6899

    The Specialists in all types of cutting:

    Whether your a builder or a regular home owner, we cover all types of work. There is no size limits both big and small , however minimum charges apply to smaller jobs.

    Core Drilling

    Our drills can accomodate various sizes and are all equipped with diamond drill tips for clean cuts.


    Drilling is mainly for cutting penetrations for electricians , plumbers, carpenters and concreters .

    Road Sawing

    Road saw are the most used of the machinery, as they provide a fast and accurate cuts for all your large span jobs.


    We typically use these types of saws for carparks, driveways, factory floors, asphalt roads and infills for trades to run services.

    Hand Sawing

    Demo saws are can be used to cut expansion cuts , paving, angled cuts and overhead work also.

    Demolition Saw

    Demolition saws are great way to cut in small confined spaces or in areas where road saw cannot access.

    Wall Sawing

    Great for cutting precast concrete and all types of reinforced walls, such as windows, doors and penetrations.

    Good for:

    This type of sawing is the more accurate way to cut into walls, other then breaking or demolition

    We always want our customers to be happy!

    Customer Satisfaction is always a priority. We like to go to extra efforts to ensure our great work doesn’t just happen on the worksite but through all stages of your communication.

    We service all Inner suburbs of Perth as shown: 

    Como, Karawara,Waterford, Kensington, Manning, Salter Point, South Perth.

    We service all Eastern Suburbs of Perth:

    Ashfield, Bassendean, Eden Hill,  Kiara, Lockridge, Guildford, South Guildford, Beechborough, Midland.

    We service all Southern Suburbs of Perth including but not limited to:

    Como, Karawara, Waterford, Manning, South Perth, Kensington, Victoria Park, East Victoria Park, Laithlain, Salter Point.

    Our services are also available in Perth’s western suburbs. The suburbs we service include but are not limited to the following:

    West Perth, Claremont, Claremont, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, Mosman Park, Nedlands, Dalkeith

    Our services are also available in Perth’s Northern suburbs. The suburbs we service include but are not limited to the following:

    Darch, Dianella, Doubleview, Duncraig, Hillarys, Inglewood, Innaloo,Joondalup , Karrin, Kingsley, Leederville, Morley

    How and why concrete cracks?

    Concrete has been a popular building product due to its fantastic durability and longevity. It will continue to last through all types of weather considering its placed correctly. This is when concreter’s need to follow specific guidelines.When places the right way concrete should last a life time.

    What causes concrete to crack?

    1. To much water is added whilst pouring

    Large volumes of water is dangerous to add to concrete. Concreter’s tend to add water to make the concrete more moveable when they are placing it. . However, adding too much water to the concrete reduces the strength and durability of the material.

    Cracking is caused by the concrete contracting. This occurs when the concrete starts to set and reach full strength and age. As concrete starts to set , shrinkage sets in and this is when cracking occurs.

    Companies we recommend!

    Below are some of the companies and websites that have reputable information regarding all things concrete.

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