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Concrete Cutting Melbourne

(03) 9999 2022

Wide Range of Services:

We service all size works. From driveways to large shopping centres we do it all. Keep in mind for large project please ensure you give adequate notice for your works.

Coring / Core Drilling

Our Core drills are all geared with top quality diamond tips , to ensure precise , clean cut holes for your job.

Used for:

Coring holes are great for trades that need to run services such as electricians , plumbers and carpenters.

Demo Saws

Demolition saws are great for everything that a road saw cant get to. They are also good for over head work where light equipment is needed.

Common uses:

Mainly used to cut expansion cuts for pathways in isolated areas. Also good used for angular cuts .

Wall Sawing

Can be used on a mounted wall system to ensure a precise straight cut. We also cut into walls by hand when needed.

Common Uses:

Wall Sawing is great for cutting penetrations such doors , windows and other openings.

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is the latest technology in cutting. It uses a diamond cable to product the cut, which provides a precise cut.

Common uses:

Some common uses for wire saws include foundations, bridges, walls and projects with large depths.

Our Core Values

Doing the job right is only half the work, we extend our work to ensure customer satisfaction is always achieved.

Areas We Service:


  • We service all inner city suburbs including: Carlton, East Melbourne, Flemington, CBD, Hawthorn and much more.
  • We also service Northern suburbs including Darebin, Hume, Moonee Valley and all other surrounding areas.
  • We also service eastern suburbs including but not limited to Boroondara, Knox and Whitehorse.
  • As well as South east suburbs – including but not limited to bayside, Cardinia, Frankston, Glen Eira and Kingston etc.

Comprehensive range of projects:

From industrial to commercial and residential conversions and renovations. Specialises in major projects that are time critical.

Inside Works

Engineered reinforcement, modification, column and wall removal, lift well, stairwell, internal concrete strip outs.

Multi-Level Buildings

includes drainage pits and channels, wall chasing and concrete cutting, mechanical and water service penetrations, electrical, air conditioning.

Freeways and Crossings

Deck and pier removal, bridge abutment, concrete planning, grinding, surface profiling, traffic loop cutting, core drilling, concrete sawing, direction cutting.

Government Works

Precision slotting for electrical conduits and cathodic protection systems, underwater drilling and cutting, dam crest engineered removal and re-profiling, large diameter drilling.

Trusted Businesses

As a reputable business, we like to inform our customers of the regulatory and leading authorities in our field .